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St. Jean Baptiste-Haiti/Holy Trinity Scholarship Fund

by Mike Conway, Coordinator of the St Jean Baptiste Scholarship Fund

Education in Haiti is challenged by the economy, civil and political unrest, natural disasters and extreme poverty. However, due to the generosity of those contributing to SJB/ HT Scholarship Fund, the following students are among the 32 Haitians for whom the Fund has offered an opportunity to pursue their post-secondary education. The Fund covers their tuition fees and, when the need is determined, their laptops and phones.

Graduation photo of Nathalie Jean Baptiste from l'Adventiste Universite

Saintenise Bien Aime is studying pharmaceutical science at Notre Dame University in Port-au-Prince (PAP) and is considering the continuation of her schooling after she graduates this December.

Christdonna Silencieux attended secretarial school and now works at the Catholic girls’ school, located close to the rectory at our sister parish in Anse d’Hainault, Haiti.

Woodner Charlestra majors in computer systems at Canado Technique in PAP. This school was founded in 1973 by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart from Canada.

Lisa Louise Charles married a Protestant pastor and is employed as a teacher in Chambellan, a small town not far from our sister parish.

Ruchama Siprin studies law at Quisqueya University in PAP. Cenise Georges and Marie Flore Adrien graduated from nursing school in Jérémie and have found jobs at the local hospital. In their “thank you” note they wrote: “You helped put us on a path which gave our lives new meaning and we think we will never be able to thank you enough for this. We hope you continue to help others like you helped us.”

Since the beginning of the SJB/HT Scholarship Fund in 2016, six students have graduated from their post-secondary programs and 22 are currently enrolled. Four did not continue with their original educational plans.

At its inception the scholarship fund was able to pay the tuition for three students from our sister parish’s secondary school, St. Raymond’s. Last year we committed to supporting nine young men and women. Our scholarship students have enrolled in universities, professional schools, like nursing and agronomy, a technical/vocational school and a government supported school for teachers. Presently, the Fund is able to support the tuition fees for any student accepted to one of the six post-secondary schools with which we have a trusting relationship.

Over 70 individuals have donated to the fund, and the HT/ SJB Haiti Committee hopes to enlarge our team of sponsors for the Class of ’22. Although donations of any size are gratefully accepted, each “sponsor” commits to contributing $250/year for four years.

To become a scholarship sponsor or learn more about the various projects of the HT/SJB Committee, please email


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