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Solemnity of St. Joseph

On this Solemnity, we share a homily from Fr. Paul Brian Campbell reflecting upon St. Joseph's life. He says, "This extraordinary man experienced more disruption in his life than most of us can begin to imagine—and yet, he stayed faithful and true through it all." Listen to his full homily below.

Today, Pope Francis invites us to unite across the world in praying the Rosary at 4pm Eastern time. The Holy Father says:

Mary — Mother of God, and Health of the Sick, to whom we direct the Rosary, under the loving gaze of St. Joseph, Protector of the Holy Family, and our families — brings us to the luminous and transfigured Face of Christ and his Heart.
In life, in work, in family, in joy and sorrow, he always sought and loved the Lord, making himself deserving of the praise the Scriptures give him: a just and wise man.
Call on him always, especially in difficult times, and entrust your lives to this great saint.
And we ask that he especially protect our families, in particular the sick and those who care for them: doctors, nurses, and volunteers, who risk their lives in this service.

Additionally, our friends at Georgetown University have a special connection to St. Joseph, and are inviting the community to pray a Novena to St. Joseph starting today. Learn more about their history and see Day 1 of the Novena. You can also sign up for their future emails.


Prayer to St. Joseph

Who is Known by Many Names

Faithful Joseph: Teach us to listen and not be afraid to trust as you did in God's promise.

Loving Joseph: Teach us to love courageously with a heart that is free and just.

Protector Joseph: Teach us to protect one another and all that belongs to God.

Dreamer Joseph: Teach us to dream a world where all are neighbors; a vision illuminated by God's light.

Teacher Joseph: Teach us to keep the Word of God close to our hearts, and to proclaim it in word and action.

Gentle Joseph: Teach us to be gentle with our power and strong in our tenderness.

Parent Joseph: Teach us to be for all persons a living lesson of goodness and truth - a blessing for all generations to come.



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