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Homily: Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Lent

This morning, Fr. Campbell reflects upon today's readings: Ezekiel 47:1-9, 12 | John 5:1-16.

He says, "I know that as far as my faith is concerned, I am often blind, lame and crippled. I'm blind when I refuse to love my neighbors. I'm lame in my halting and fumbling way of trying to serve the Lord. And I'm too often crippled by doubt and fear. That's why Jesus' question to the paralyzed man strikes me so deeply—'Do you want to be well?''

Listen to his full homily below:


We also invite you to pray together as a community today:

Heavenly Father,

you see how your children hunger for food,

and fellowship, and faith.

Help us to meet one another’s needs of body, mind, and spirit,

in the love of Christ our Savior.



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