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Homily: Thursday of the Sixth Week of Easter

This morning, Fr. Campbell reflects upon today's readings. He says, "Like the disciples, I don’t understand what’s really going on. I simply have to trust in God and believe that my weeping will turn into joy." Daily readings: Acts 18:1-8 | John 16:16-20.

Listen to the full homily below:



Laudato Si' Week


  • Explore this book recommendation from Social Justice: The Overstory by Richard Powers. (Read a review that places the book in the context of Laudato Si': “I have long known the facts of climate change. But reading The Overstory, I felt the loss of trees and forests not as a loss of resources or even the loss of my human home—though I fear and despair over that. I experienced the destruction for the first time as a loss of an integral part of myself, as a creature who participates in the glory of being alive on Earth….The Overstory accomplished its goal: I grieved.”)


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