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An Encounter to Remember: July 2023 Trip to El Salvador

On July 12, 2023, nine parishioners (including four first-time visitors) embarked on a transformative visit to Maria Madre de los Pobres, Holy Trinity's sister parish in San Salvador, El Salvador. This trip aimed to understand and support the local community's struggle for social justice in the face of poverty and inequality.

The group engaged in various activities during their stay, including praying with the community; visiting with Holy Trinity's Godchildren in their homes and spending a Saturday with their families at a waterpark; participating in community discussions; visiting sacred places in the life of the Salvadoran martyrs; learning about human rights under the current government's Law of Exception; and, listening to the financial challenges faced by families as a result of ever-rising inflation and a decrease in resources from families living abroad.

Tony and Eileen Essaye's Godson and his father during an icebreaker at the waterpark.

The visit was an eye-opening experience that deepened the group's understanding of the challenges faced by marginalized communities and strengthened their commitment to advocating for justice and equality.

Maria Madre de los Pobres parish serves as a beacon of hope for the impoverished residents of southeastern San Salvador. The Holy Trinity social justice group witnessed firsthand the parish's unwavering dedication to uplifting the disadvantaged and empowering them to break free from the cycle of poverty. Maria Madre provides essential services such as food, education, and healthcare at cost to the community, acting as a vital lifeline.

The group was deeply inspired by the resilience and spirit of the local residents, who despite their challenging circumstances, exhibited unwavering faith and a strong sense of community. The visit to Maria Madre left a lasting impression on the Holy Trinity group, motivating them to continue their efforts to promote social justice and alleviate poverty in their own community.

Note: Almost fifty Holy Trinity parishioners serve as Godparents (sponsors) for young people in the community so that they can complete their education and have a better life. Holy Trinity provides funding to Maria Madre parish through a social justice grant of $22,300 in addition to individual donations of generous members of the community.

To learn more about Maria Madre, Holy Trinity's January 2024 Pilgrimage, how you may become involved or stay informed, email To make a donation, visit Holy Trinity's website at:

First grade teacher Deisy with some of her first graders in the parish school.

Listening to a community member recount his community's experience

of the murder of four US churchwomen in 1980.

Walking through the community to the homes of Holy Trinity Godchildren.


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