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A St. Patrick's Day Reflection

On this Feast of St. Patrick, allow me to introduce you to a meditation based on the prayer, The Breastplate of St. Patrick. This ancient prayer is also known as The Deer’s Cry. The verse was recently put into a powerful hymn which you can listen to here (be sure to skip the short ad that may pop up):

The words themselves are worth meditating upon. For a fuller appreciation of the verses of the prayer, you may read more about it on Wikipedia. I also invite you to pray with me the readings for this feast day. And on this feast, I offer a brief reflection.

Lastly, I invite you to watch the livestream of this Feast Day Mass from Old St. Pat's in Chicago. The Mass will begin at 1:10pm, but will be available to watch or rewatch later today as well.


Rev. C. Kevin Gillespie, S.J. Pastor


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