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Living Our Mission

by Tony Varas, Holy Trinity's Pastoral Associate for Liturgy

(The text below ran in the May 22, 2022 Holy Trinity Church Bulletin)

A little over a year ago, I was well settled into the routines of the work of a liturgy director. After almost 10 years in the same position, I had my templates and had developed “well oiled” processes that helped me to carry out the work of ministry. I saw myself as smoothly cycling through the many liturgical years ahead. Then something happened that changed everything. My spiritual director invited me to revisit my prayer journal. I had spent many years - on and off - journaling the fruits of prayer. Her request seemed like a good thing to do so I began reading through my own personal sacred story.

Over the months that followed, I prayerfully reflected on the years of entries in the journal. Slowly new insights were unveiled, and it seemed that it was time to start a new chapter in my story. Not long after, I found myself in a dialog with the search committee and the pastoral staff here at Holy Trinity. What I found at Holy Trinity was a welcoming community focused on accompanying one another on each other’s journey of faith. It didn’t take long for me to see that this was the right next chapter for living the mission I was entrusted with at my baptism. I am grateful to Fr. Gillespie and the pastoral staff for inviting me to serve with them and giving me an opportunity to write this next chapter.

Now, as I join this pastoral staff, I ask for your prayers. I hope to learn about how this community celebrates the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the liturgy. I hope to build upon the parish’s long- standing tradition of well celebrated liturgies. I hope to offer whatever gifts I received at my own baptism and join them together with the gifts of other collaborators to nurture the liturgical life of Holy Trinity. I hope to grow alongside the others who I’ll collaborate with in this ministry. I hope that the continuing conversion that we experience together as disciples will influence the conversion of the world. After all, isn’t that our mission? Thanks be to God!


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