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Good Friday: Honoring Life and Honoring Death

By Sarah Gordon


I really love Easter weekend, and Good Friday is especially very sacred to me.

I never used to like Easter that much because, well—it's kind of solemn and scary. But ever since finding Holy Trinity parish around three years ago, it has turned into a three to four day marathon of beautiful ceremonies and prayer.

I will miss that this year, but today I will find some way to honor and pray. No matter where or how I pray, I want to remember meaning.

Good Friday is about sacrifice. All those that bear the cross, that suffer, so perhaps I do not have to. We exist to some extent because someone suffered. There is no better way to honor life than to also honor death. It's not fun to think about death, but we must realize that we can't have one without the other.

I honor my family, my ancestors who brought me here. I honor the sacrifices made to get to this country so that I may have gifts others would not. We appreciate life as a blessing because we know, especially now, that it is finite.

COVID-19 this year has taught me more than ever that life is a gift we must honor. I am here because of someone else. Life is thus given—and so thank you, life, and thank you, God.


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