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Easter Sunday


He is risen, Alleluia! Today, we mark Jesus' resurrection and the fulfillment of God's promises to humankind. We read Sacred Scripture, pray, and enter more deeply into the love of God that is so wide and deep that Jesus was sent into the world to live, suffer, and die like us—so that we, too, might rise with Him to eternal glory.

What you can do:

  • Feast. Today is the day to use the nicest dishes, silverware and glasses. If you have something special in the freezer, today is the day to defrost and cook it. That bottle of wine that has been collecting dust? Open it or even move happy hour earlier. If you’ve been hoarding sugar, maybe this is the time to bake something sweet. Dress in your Sunday best and go for a long walk. Ask the kids what their favorite activity is. 

  • Create a beautiful prayer space in your home with a beautiful cloth, a cross, crucifix or statue, a Bible open to John 20:1-18, and fresh flowers. Keep a candle lit there all day. 

  • When you wake up, light the candle in your prayer space and read John’s account of Easter Morning John 20:1-18. Begin and end by singing Alleluia. 

  • Use Pastoral Associate for Ignatian Spirituality Catherine Heinhold’s guided Ignatian Contemplation for the account the Resurrection of the Lord.

  • If you have children, create a little procession to your family’s prayer space. Give each member of the household something to carry aloft and process around the house (or even the yard!) singing Alleluia. Read the account of Easter Morning from John’s Gospel. Ask your kids the three things for which they’re most grateful. Sing your favorite song from church or find it on YouTube.

  • Tune into Holy Trinity’s recorded Mass below:


From the Pastor's Desk: An Easter Message


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