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Changes are Afoot!

A message form the Holy Trinity Stewardship Department:

We are so very grateful to God and to our many benefactors for the financial support that enables our parish community to be an abundant source of life and blessing to thousands of households each month. Thank you!

Our Development team has been working with Beth Frigola-McGinn, our new Communications Director, to revise our website’s donation page, in a long-needed effort to simplify the user’s experience. This new page is set to roll-out this month.

At the same time, we are changing our electronic payment processing system in an effort to streamline how payments are received, recorded and reported. This change will allow our team to more quickly and accurately report on payments received.

Changing the electronic payment processing system should be seamless and we expect no disruption for those desiring to make a payment online. Donors will experience the new website donation page, yet donations should process as normal, with the same automated payment confirmation messages.

Those with existing automatic, recurring donations will have their payments switched to the new system, from Parish Soft Giving (old) to Engaged Donor (new). An Engaged Donor account is being created for all with recurring donations. These donors will not have to initially login or create new credentials, yet if in the future a donor desires to change a payment method, frequency or amount, then you will be prompted to establish new credentials.

NOTE that – if your regular donation happens to be scheduled on or around the day we make the actual switch – your payment may be delayed by a day or two, but will pick up as scheduled from then on. For example, if your payment is normally on the 15th of each month, and the switch occurs on the 15th, it may process on the 16th for this month but will revert to the 15th next month.

We are not anticipating any difficulties as we make these changes. However, there is always the chance for a hiccup. We will keep the parish informed. And as we make these changes this month, if you have any issues making a payment, or notice any changes to your regularly scheduled payments, or have any questions about this transition and its impact upon you, please contact Rock Schuler, Director of Stewardship, at or 301-455-5437.

Thank you again for your patience and for your support.


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