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Celebrating Sundays at Home

By Tania Chomiak-Salvi


As we continue to look for alternatives to Mass in the sanctuary on Sundays, I’ll share our Mass at home practice. Maybe this will make Sundays a bit easier until this strange time of isolation comes to an end.

  1. Select a time to gather for Mass. This is a nice democratic step that gives all of us ownership of the project.

  2. Gather in the living room at the agreed-upon time. Clear the coffee table and set up a candle. One person has the job of lighting it as a signal to settle.

  3. My iPad has one browser tab open to Trinity’s Pray at Home resource page, where we follow along with the ADW’s steps to “Make a Spiritual Communion” (it’s the second item on the page, right after the list of live-streamed Masses).

  4. A second browser tab is open to the USCCB’s page of daily readings. That page is also conveniently hyperlinked from Trinity’s Pray at Home page. When you get to it, click on the appropriate day on the calendar on the right of the page.

  5. We count four possible readings and decide who does which: First Reading, Responsorial, Second Reading and Gospel. There are four people in our family, so it’s a fair split.

  6. Then we are ready to start the prayer time.

  7. Following the Gospel reading, we try to share some reflections. My husband and I generally offer something, but kids are not always willing. If it gets awkward, or if the readings are puzzling, remember that you can play a Gospel reflection from the ADW’s YouTube channel, or listen to one of our fantastic daily homilies from Holy Trinity.

  8. We ask every family member to bring at least one intention to the prayer time.

  9. We say the Lord’s Prayer, then the modern version of the Anima Christi or the Suscipe.

  10. After the sign of the cross, our prayer time ends. I have been barred from singing a closing hymn ever, but sometimes I just can’t help it.

This event is a nice quiet moment once a week. It doesn’t substitute for being together with the whole community and inside our beautiful church or chapel. But it sure brings the family together, and when else is it OK to go to Mass in your pajamas?

Photo: The Salvis celebrate Mass at home.


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